Let’s keep this simple….​

We are not a globo-gym full of treadmills, weird machines, or “trainers” who don’t know your name or what they’re doing…

If you’re looking for steam showers, plush locker rooms, or bagels and pizza after your workout…. We are not for you.

We sweat, scream, stink and swear when we train.

We don’t care how tall, short,weak, strong, wide, ugly, pretty, smelly or skinny you are.

All we DO care about is you show up ready. Ready to dedicate yourself to being the best YOU can be.

Every time you walk through the door.


Knowledge –  This immediately separates us from the rest. Our cumulative years of training experience, wisdom and a proven track record of client success put us above the competition.  We guarantee our product and promise you a never-ending pursuit of coaching excellence.

Community – We live, train and breathe as a family at Chaos. I challenge you to find a more cohesive and welcoming member base than the Chaos community.

Passion – We are serious about our training. We don’t like to be coddled and we love to be pushed. If you bench 500 lbs or can barely do a pushup, we don’t care. All that matters is your desire to be great.

Results – They speak for themselves.