“ Chaos Fitness is not a gym with equipment. It is a family that together pushes you both physically and mentally to reach your physical limits. Nowhere else will you find people high-fiving you at the end of each group training and encouraging you through every sprint; every press; every squat, like this group. Sean’s all-around knowledge regarding fitness and nutrition is incredible. Sean is patient and careful with explanation, especially with a newbie like myself. All of this combined, I have been exposed to not only a great group of people but physical challenges that keep me motivated and keep me wondering what’s next… “

I have never been one that looked forward to going to the gym I had always felt a sense of intimidation… that was until I joined Chaos almost two years ago. Each day I am challenged by the workouts and am working muscles I didn’t even know I had! This gym has not only changed the way I look; it has changed the way I feel. I have built an incredible amount of confidence with the help of Sean and the entire supportive Chaos community.

I have been a member at Chaos for over three years! Through these years, I have been coached by Sean Peterson. Sean is extremely passionate about fitness (in all forms) and it shows through the high quality of his differentiated workouts! He is motivating, professional, knowledgeable, and he creates a comfortable, welcoming gym environment. Thanks to Sean, I have been able to make some incredible physical gains over these past few years! No matter if you are a new member at Chaos or a long-time member, Sean still pushes and encourages everyone to continue to strive to reach individual new goals!

I have been a part of the Chaos family for a little over a year now and I cannot say enough about this gym, the trainers and the people who work out here. I have worked out since I was a teenager. I have been to every type of gym from the old free weight only gym to the new ten dollar a month every machine you can imagine gym. But none of those can compare to Chaos. There are so many things that make this gym great. But to me the biggest one is that the workouts work for everyone of every fitness level. No matter what shape you are in if you show up and do these classes and do the best that you personally can do you will get an incredible workout and you will get results that you will see and feel. In the last year, Sean the owner and trainer has added more equipment, participated in and helped members train for and create Mud Race teams, Running teams, and Power Lifting teams. He has had nutrition seminars that resulted in people forming healthy eating habits that have helped them lose weight build muscle and maintain their new bodies over time. So if you are looking for a great gym and a great group of people to work out with I would tell you to come try one class. One, that’s all it will take to see the difference….

CHAOS (disorder, confusion, mayhem, commotion, disruption) FITNESS!!! What this means to me. I have never been able to “stick” with any diet regimen, workout plan, fitness routine or gym for more than……..2 weeks (haha). In 2012 I was at a point in my life where i was unhappy with myself because of the way i looked on the outside therefore how i felt on the inside was……….indescribable!! After my first class at Chaos i was hooked, I wanted to die during the class, but after was a feeling of accomplishment and defeat. Day after day, month after month I didn’t even have to think about “if i was going to the gym”, it wasn’t a temporary fix, it was a life style change. Within the first 8 months I lost 45lbs and my body fat was at an all time low!! Chaos is a place where there is motivation and support to no end, in the coaches and the Chaos community. Everybody wants everybody else to succeed, it is truly unbelievable and inspirational. So every good thing must come to an end….I injured my back (years ago, not at Chaos) and it started bothering me to a point where i was in bed for a week (herniated disk). Anyway, after that I lost all ambition to do ANYTHING!! I stopped eating good, i stopped thinking positive, I stopped going to the gym and i used my back as an excuse to do…..nothing! So after about a year of this nonsense, i found myself right back at “2012” and I had to start all over again. Where did I turn……My home/family……”Chaos”!!!!!!!! It didn’t take long to get back in the swing of things, and i am more determined now than ever. I have been back for 2 months and already my clothes are fitting different I’m getting stronger and i just feel “healthy” inside and out. Thank you Chaos for changing my life!

“I had strength I did not know I had and now know I can get stronger. I have challenged myself to new heights and know that I can go even higher. All this was possible and will continue to be possible through the members, support and coaches of what is Chaos Fitness.”

Prior to joining Chaos, I had a membership at a large corporate gym for a year and a half. After the introductory period whereby they offered free sessions with a professional trainer, you were on your own or pay for private lessons that were not affordable. Although this approach may work for some, it is difficult for someone who had never spent a day in a gym. After seeing no results and the addition of five pounds, I knew a change was necessary.

Chaos provides the supervision of a personal trainer (Sean) who cares about each member of the gym. It is not about the goals of the trainer, rather it is about your individual goals and how he can help you achieve those goals. After one year with Chaos, I have lost 20 pounds and thank Sean for everything he has done.

I have struggled with my weight and fitness level for most of my life, and found it difficult to find something “fit in” to my lifestyle. As a Paramedic, I work in a field that can be both physically and mentally challenging at times- including long hours and minimal sleep. With those things being said, I have managed to find a million excuses as to why I don’t make the changes I need to. While I have made the most effort over the last year or so, I have seen some changes with the help of a trainer at the gym- but nothing compares to my experience at Chaos Theory. I have seen the most changes in the past 2 months that I have been a member. Not only has my strength and endurance increased, but to my surprise- my self esteem and confidence has changed as well. For the first time in my life, I look forward to each workout, instead of dreading it! Not only are the workouts fun and challenging, but the staff and comfortable atmosphere they provide are among my favorite things. I have been most recently been working with Sean, and I cant say enough about him. He has already gone above and beyond on more than one occasion to help me push through- whether its extra encouragement during a tough workout, or guidance to help me snap out of a negative mindset- so I can make the most of my workout. Chaos is based on more of a personal level, where you are greeted by name and treated as an individual. I immediately was drawn to the camaraderie amongst the staff and other members, and believe that is a huge part as to why I have not been back to the typical gym since day one. I highly recommend Chaos Theory to anyone and everyone who is looking for a new challenge that provides a positive and motivating environment while pushing you past your limits!!!!

As a former National Powerlifting Champion, I am no stranger to heavy weightlifting and having a disciplined workout regiment. I would concentrate on an individual muscle or muscle-group with each workout. At Chaos Theory, however, I experienced workouts that didn’t target one muscle individually but the entire gamete of muscles in my entire body as a whole. My eyes were opened to an entirely new philosophy and brand of exercise. If only I had known about this kind of training when I was competing.

Sean designed a fitness and nutrition program specifically to meet my goals and the results have been tremendous!