How Do I Start?


​Whether you’re interested in our Group Training or Private Coaching, we approach every client the same. You will participate in a quick movement screen that provides our expert coaches with a great snapshot of your training status. With the information obtained from our assessment process, we can recommend the best approach suited to fit your schedule, abilities, interests and most importantly – your goals.

The Process:
1. Book your FREE consultation and movement screen by calling (508) 692-6003 or email
2. Get Healthy

If you’re thinking:
​”I have to get in shape before training at Chaos”

​We say:
​”Would you wash your car before bringing it to the car wash?”

​​STOP WORRYING! We promise to take care of you, make you feel comfortable and give the best training possible. No matter what your current fitness level is, we have a program for you.

NO MORE EXCUSES – Take a chance…. You owe it to yourself.